[WWI] mark IV tank book

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 23 11:04:01 EDT 2007

>From: "Diego Fernetti" <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar>
>>Are you really doing this?  Is it working.  I have a completely off-topic 
>>(BA-6) that has no rivets on the kit but really needs them.
>Ah, you evil-twin!
>Yes, but you need to thin the epoxy glue somehow with acetone.. then pick 
>up a small droplet with the end of a stretched sprue stub, and apply in 
>situ over a previously pencilled line on the model surface. If you miss the 
>spot, wipe off with a pointed end of a paper towel wet with acetone. I can 
>do only ten/twelve succesful rivets by session. Most of them are wiped 
>becuse of inconsistent alignment or size. besides the acetone fumes are 
>awful. Maybe that's why I didn't finished all those I erased sanding.

That sounds like an unpleasant experience. I will have to think of a 
different method. There's a toll that you can buy for rivet making but it's 
designed for 1/48th or larger. Not a real issue for me since I seem to be 
mesmerized by all these unbuilt WW1 vacs in my storage bin.

>>Still working on the Spinne, which has turned out to be mainly gluing 
>>lengths of brass wire to white metal objects.
>Pictures! Pictures!

Yes, I am taking pictures as I go. Things are moving slowly because I am 
trying not to mess it up. Also,  whenever I have a problem, I can phone Bob 
Wheeler for advice but that leads to us wandering around off the subject and 
I don't get back to the model very quickly.:) Still, it's always nice to 
speak with him.


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