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That's what I liked about judging contests.  You get to see how others 
build, and it was always a learning experience for me.

What bothers me about the after market stuff is the price.  If you want to 
go that route and add everything including the kitchen sink, it becomes a 
case of who has the deepest pockets.  There is a definite advantage to 
scratch building parts--you have to do the research.  It's this learning 
experience that makes it fun for me.  I like using aftermarket for spoked 
wheels and other things that are hard for me to scratchbuild.

One comment about aftermarket stuff--in planning for an ot Westland 
Lysander, I noticed (using the Mushroom Publications Lysander book) that 
some parts on the Eduard PE set are only appropriate for the Canadian 
version of the aircraft.  The Eduard instructions do not indicate this 
stipulation.  It always pays to do your homework.


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> Thanks Shane, I couldn't have said it any better.  Stephen's post bothered 
> me on the WWI group, and then even more when I saw it on HS.  What I 
> really don't understand is all these folks wringing their hands over the 
> way others enjoy the hobby, and then asking why we can't all get along. 
> If it is all ok, and good, and everyone enjoys the pastime in their own 
> way, why do we need to wail about other the other guys?
>  There is a guy in my very small local club who builds impecable OOB 
> models (all ot) and routinely kicks my *&% in IPMS contests.  I'm more 
> than a few years behind him on the skills curve due to a late return to 
> the hobby, and I like to stuff some aftermarket or MINOR scratchbuilt 
> detail into my kits (both ot and OT).  But the cool thing to me is that my 
> skills are improving, and I'm getting close to him on the tables, and the 
> even cooler thing is that after a few years not only am I still learning 
> from him, he's starting to learn some things from me.
>  There truly is room here for everyone, we can all learn from eachother, 
> and no one should be laughing at anyone else.
>  And that's my two cents.
>  Mike Moore

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