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Michael Moore maxwinthrop at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 08:28:47 EDT 2007

Thanks Shane, I couldn't have said it any better.  Stephen's post bothered me on the WWI group, and then even more when I saw it on HS.  What I really don't understand is all these folks wringing their hands over the way others enjoy the hobby, and then asking why we can't all get along.  If it is all ok, and good, and everyone enjoys the pastime in their own way, why do we need to wail about other the other guys?
  There is a guy in my very small local club who builds impecable OOB models (all ot) and routinely kicks my *&% in IPMS contests.  I'm more than a few years behind him on the skills curve due to a late return to the hobby, and I like to stuff some aftermarket or MINOR scratchbuilt detail into my kits (both ot and OT).  But the cool thing to me is that my skills are improving, and I'm getting close to him on the tables, and the even cooler thing is that after a few years not only am I still learning from him, he's starting to learn some things from me.  
  There truly is room here for everyone, we can all learn from eachother, and no one should be laughing at anyone else.
  And that's my two cents.
  Mike Moore

Shane Weier <bristolf2b at hotmail.com> wrote:
  Stephen says:

>Ah, at last, another modeler who does not have the attitude that the 
>purpose of modeling is to stuff all the detail possible into a model.

By inference of the rest of the post, superdetailing is *bad*

>Today's fad, you ask?
>Its the 

By experience, the attitude of someone who never entered an IPMS contest in 
his life, or needs a crutch to support a decision not to bother, rather than 
just saying "I couldn't be bothered"

In many years of model contest entry and judging - not just IPMS - I've 
rarely seen a winner that on becuase of stuffed in detail, rather than 
impeccable modelling.

>Second, it has led to a situation where we get a bunch of modelers who 
>cannot scratch build a flat panel, but just sit and whine for someone to 
>market an add-on kit so they can glue it in place to spiff up their model 
>and maybe win a contest somewhere.

...followed by an insult to modellers who get enjoyment from adding 
aftermarket to their models.

>It has led to the situation where a guy buys a kit for $50 to $100 and then 
>buys another $100 to $200 worth of details that were created by some 
>company like Edouard. And what do we have? We get guys who assemble all 
>these expensive parts to make a model.

This is bad, how?

>Hey, nothing wrong with that. Its a hobby and meant for fun and amusement 
>and some pleasure.

Indeed. So it *isn't* bad? There's a relief then.

>But we should all keep in mind the fact that all it is is a hobby. Lighten 
>up, and enjoy it for what ever it is that you want to get out of it.

So true. In fact, it'd be nice to accept that people who obsess about 
details are as entitled to their own fun as those who "lighten up", and 
don't obsess

>Thank you Mike for revealing the fact that you are an individual and have 
>your own agenda and do not slavishly follow the current fad.

Mike *is* an individual.

So is the chap who " 

Of course, if he's enjoying himself it doesn't matter that it's most 
unlikely to improv his chances of winning.

Now, what **wasn't* said here, but *was* said by you on the Hyperscale forum 
when made the identical post is:

>I do not apologize for being that way because I laugh at myself much more 
>than I laugh at others. >But, although I will defend the right of all of us 
>to enjoy our hobby any way we do I will also laugh >at how seriously we 
>take these same activities.
>So model on guys, enjoy what you do and do not concern yourself about what 
>anyone has to say >about your activities. But, if you hear some muted 
>laughter in the background, its probably me.

Laugh at yourself all you like. That's healthy and offends no-one.

Feel free to laugh at me when I pursue my hobby in my way too. But then, 
don't expect me to like being an object of your ridicule.


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