[WWI] "de Havilland DH9" found in India.

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Sat Apr 21 14:22:31 EDT 2007


I remember reading about the discovery of the aircraft, bit I wasn`t aware
of the restoration being finished - thanks for the link.
There is nothing so far on the IWM website.

Seems like my camera and I should visit IWM Duxford this summer.

Knut Erik

>A ''de Havilland DH9'' was found in India a couple of years back. It has now 
>been restored by the Imperial War museum. Below is the link to the page 
>containing a couple of pictures of the bomber.
>I must say a very good job considering the initial state of the bomber.
>[P.S: I will be a bit embarresed if you guys already know about this.]

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