[WWI] Roden BE2c

Mikko Saarela saarela.mikko at kolumbus.fi
Sat Apr 21 11:25:25 EDT 2007

Got mine today. Looks great. Lots of decal options. I've found one mistake 
so far: the inner interpane struts should be  thicker, or at least wider in 
the middle than the outer ones, shouldn't they. I remember this so well, 
because I screwed it up in my first build of the Aeroclub kit. Ithought the 
thicker-in-the-middle struts are the rear ones and the thinner struts go to 
the front.

The Roden kit offers 4 pairs of similar struts, more like the outer thin 
type. There are, however, 4 somehow thicker struts too, those with pitot 
tubes on them (parts 18-21)...


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