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Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Sat Apr 21 07:11:39 EDT 2007


Bob Ogden has a series of booklets on the worlds aviation museums that I
have found most useful when planning my journeys.

His latest book is published by "Air-Britain" and is called "Aviation
museums and collections of mainland Europe"

It is organised by country where you get a map with the rough location of
each museum.
The main listing gives for each museum: adress, details of how to contact
them, opening hours if it is open to the public and a listing of aircraft on
display and in store.
There is also an index by aircraft type so that if I look for Sopwith Camel
do I see which museums have originals and replicas:
(Originals in Belgiums KLM and the Krakow museum, replicas in Antwerpen,
Hannover and Lelystad.)    

There are a number of websites which list museums, but none of them are as
good as Bob Ogdens work.

According to the book is France the European mainland country with the most
museums with 184!
So there is no chance of me getting to all the museums in Europe, especially
since I haven`t started on what used to be Eastern Europe. 

I think I have been to some 50 countries, it depends a bit on how you define
a country and I do not count in the ones where I didn`t leave the airport or
go ashore.  Dame Karen has been to many more countries than me - and I think
she is in South America at the moment.

>Is there a comprehensive list of useums and there collections that one can
look at beforehand? That would prove highly beneficial when traveling as one
could look for teh museum that has the subject of interest
>Steve Cox <steve at oldglebe.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:  on 20/4/07 3:38 pm, Knut
Erik Hagen at knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no wrote:
>> Hei,
>> I am back from Berlin and have started to sort out 2200 digital images from
>> the Luftwaffe Museum and Deutsches Technikmuseum.
>> Next up is figuring what to do in my next break in June, maybe some airshows
>> and museums in England or see if I can figure out how to cover Finnish
>> during a couple of days in Helsinki.
>Are there any museums you haven¹t been to? You must be one of the most well
>travelled people I know.

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