[WWI] Why Stick to One Scale

Mikko Saarela saarela.mikko at kolumbus.fi
Sat Apr 21 01:26:45 EDT 2007

>I prefer 1/48 or larger because my hand hides too much of the 1/72
> models when I'm flying them around the room making engine and machine
> gun noises.
> You do it too, don't deny it.  ;)
> ken z
Thanks Ken Z!
You led my thoughts to the right direction!

I started this discussion because I was not sure why do I stick to 1/48 
myself. Why did I sell all my 1/72 two seater kits? My plan was, you see, to 
build scouts in 1/48 and two seaters, bombers and such in 1/72. There is 
still much more kits of the larger OT a/c in 1/72, so that would have made 
sense. But - of course - it would look ridiculous for a 1/48 Fokker in your 
right hand attacking a 1/72 BE2 in your left hand!! ;-)


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