[WWI] Flying without a prop, Was: Stick to one scale

J. Michael Vice jmikl at cmc.net
Sat Apr 21 01:22:10 EDT 2007

Speaking of flying without a prop, years ago I went to an IPMS meeting, armed with an alcohol-wasting British Tor%*@o for the son of a friend.  Since everyone in the club knew I only modeled WWI, there were many raised eyebrows and whispered comments.  When it came time to "share" by describing your model I started to comment, then held up with an "Omigod!"  Members looked quizzically, then watched as I pulled a prop out of my shirtpocket, stuck it on the nose of the model, then proclaimed with a big smile, "Ah, NOW it's right!!"  (Pause)  "How could I have forgotten such an important part of the kit!"

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