[WWI] Next up - the Fokker Spinne

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Fri Apr 20 21:46:12 EDT 2007


I have photographed the Fokker Spinne that is hung from the Avidromes 
ceiling - only views from below, but still gives ideas as to how
the flying machine is put together.
Total 7Mb, just let me know and I can send them to you or a sample first.

Knut Erik

>Having finished the Phönix C.I, have decided to start the VLE Models Fokker 
>Spinne.  In order to generate the courage to start it, I contacted Bob 
>Wheeler, who is VLE Models. he used to live nearby but for family reasons 
>moved down to North Carolina. Had a nice long chat and he gave me a few 
>tips, and answered my questions.
>I actually purchased this kit in 1999 so it's passed time to build it.  The 
>advantages are - no seams, only about 4 vac parts to sand out, no decals.  
>The disadvantages are - it's really difficult to know how to put it 
>together.  The soft metal parts are OK, but you have to bend all these bits 
>of brass rod to shape then glue it to the wings using super glue.
>We shall see. If anyone has actually built this thing, I'd be really pleased 
>to know how it went.

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