[WWI] Why to stick in one scale, WAS: Added:Albatros D.III

Mark Shannon shingend at ix.netcom.com
Fri Apr 20 18:52:27 EDT 2007

I started with the Monogram/Aurora/Lindberg 1/48th (or so) models.  Then I
learned about Airfix and Revell 1/72nd models - cheaper to buy and they
promised to be all the same scale.  I stayed with 1/72nd for a long time,
with 1/700 scale ships.  I had about given up on WWI kits when I came
across the Dragon Spad XIIIC1 kit.  I don't like to mix scales, so I've
stayed with 1/48 for WWI, 1/72nd for that other big to-do, and 1/144th for
modern physical improbabilities (you know, those airplanes that supposedly
fly without a prop), which I mainly do to see the camouflage effects.

Then Roden started adding to the mix in 1/72nd, and suddenly there were
lower priced, modern small WWI kits.  But I don't want to mix scales.  I do
have their Gotha G.V, however.  And I'm thinking about a Felixstowe and
Zepplin-Staaken.  Matt, don't try any told ya so's.

Mark Shannon
shingend at ix.netcom.com

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> Quoting Diego Fernetti <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar>:
> > I build in 1/72 mostly because it's the scale I started out modeling
when I 
> > was a child. 
> That's probably got a lot to do with it as well.

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