[WWI] Why Stick to One Scale

pezo8481 at bellsouth.net pezo8481 at bellsouth.net
Fri Apr 20 14:36:01 EDT 2007

Ken sez:
> I prefer 1/48 or larger because my hand hides too much of the 1/72
> models when I'm flying them around the room making engine and machine
> gun noises.
> You do it too, don't deny it.  ;)


Now you did it!  You have let the "cat out of the bag"!  I am so deeply embarrassed that you have 
found out about us modelers and what we do behind closed doors.  I am going back to my room and 
may never come out again!  HEY, ERNIE!!!!  Come get KENNETH and put him back in his hole! ;^)

Just kidding, Ken! :^)


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