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Richard Weber ltr14 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 11:50:57 EDT 2007


This thread touched a nerve.  I've gotten the idea that the Belgian version of the RE 8 would make a great subject for a Free Flight model.  I've scounged every photo I can find on the web and in print.  I haven't found a drawing.  I'm perfectly willing to draw my own but I'd rather not do it without a few dimensions to go on.  Is there any way to get the basic measurments from the nose of that Brussels machine?   As much as I'd like to get them myself, the chances are that it will be many years before I can make the trip to Belgium.  Any help would be much appreciated.  I'd be glad to share the drawing once it's completed.  


Rich W.

Paul Thompson <flutes at xs4all.nl> wrote: >Paul
   were you the guy with glasses and with a woman and child with you. If so 
we passed each other at the RE 8   toby

Nope. I was the fat, bespectacled, hirsute and greying chappie with a green 
outdoor waistcoat. Once a year I wash it. (But I did pass someone at the 

Paul T. 

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