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On 4/20/07, Knut Erik Hagen <knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no> wrote:
> Hei,
> I am back from Berlin and have started to sort out 2200 digital images
> from
> the Luftwaffe Museum and Deutsches Technikmuseum.
> Not much OT in the Luftwaffe Museum, a couple of Pflumm replicas there
> which
> look more like plastic toys than aircraft.  Easy to get there by U/S-bahn
> and bus, there is an 1165m walk from the bus stop through the suburbia
> now surrounding the airfield to get to the gate.
> Spent eight hours in the Technicmuseum without being able to cover the
> whole
> area - it is a large complex.  The lay-out of the building is rather
> strange
> with a support pilars and other structures dividing the exhibition areas
> so it is almost to get a photo of a complete aircraft.
> A fair amount of WW1 material, including a Taube and O`Connors collection
> of decorations.  The Junkers fuselage on loan from the Caproni museum
> shows the massive plates protecting the engine and crew.
> Got around to visit a couple of model shops and found a couple of long
> time
> out of production kits, most of them fortunately in a shop which accepted
> cards.
> Didn`t try to link up with Toby, thought it could be difficult to get into
> an US embassy construction site - don`t think it could cut it with
> security
> if I just said that I was to meet Toby.
> I have been questioned by the Norwegian police because I took a picture of
> a veteran tram passing in front of the US embassy here in Oslo and I want
> to avoid the same happening in foreign countries.
> Berlin is still a big building site, you see the cranes towering over
> construction sites all over the place.  It is difficult to see the
> division
> between East and West - so many new buildings and restorations of the old.
> No language problems, my basic German combined with most of the locals
> having
> a decent grasp of English made a change from Spain and Italy.
> Also welcome to be able to be in a large city where the drivers didn`t do
> their worst to kill you when trying to cross the streets.
> But I found that crossing a street on foot on red light is a big
> nein-nein!
> If some the stuff I have typed up for Internetmodeler makes it into their
> pages may I do an article on Berlin.
> Next up is figuring what to do in my next break in June, maybe some
> airshows
> and museums in England or see if I can figure out how to cover Finnish
> museums
> during a couple of days in Helsinki.
>   Eders
> Knut Erik
> >> It is time to put my new camera to use, batteries are charging and
> memory
> >> cards cleared to cover the museums contents.
> >
> >I know, I know, it's all different nowadays, but I can't help but
> imagining
> >Knut -dressed in ample trench coat and hat- passing a security check at
> >Tempelhof, surrounded by black and silver Junkers trimotors, silver DH
> >Flamingoes and other aerial sculptures. On arrival, a dry German
> >functionnaire ask our hero:
> >"Papieren, bitte!"
> >D.
> >>From the window of a black Mercedes parked in the street, Volker stares
> >silently thru his monocle, while smoking a thin cigarette.

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