[WWI] Why to stick in one scale,

John Huggins huggins1 at swbell.net
Fri Apr 20 10:42:00 EDT 2007

Years ago, I would buy kits because of the box top.  Scale or subject  
didn't matter.  I didn't keep any of them that long any way.  Most  
ended up in some kind of made up battle and got destroyed.  Then came  
cars, constant scale of 1/24 or 1/25.  They looked good for a  
comparison.   Then back to airplanes.  Again any subject or scale,  
mostly because of the box top.

About 30 years ago, I decided I needed a means to an end.  It was  
decided that the collection would be aircraft.  Next came the subject  
matter.  The winner was anything flown by the U. S..  Next came  
availability.  1/32 would have meant a rather small collection. 1/48  
wasn't that much bigger, so 1/72 scale was the winner.  Display space  
also was a factor.  The larger scale would naturally mean a smaller  

The collection was intended to be a representative display of  
aircraft showing the improvements in technology through the years, as  
well as a size comparison.  Out of this grew two sub collections.   
The first was aircraft flown by Aces or historically significant  
aircraft.  Not bad and contributed to the main collection.  The other  
one was my interest in WWI aviation.  That part of the collection is  
not limited to U.S. flown aircraft, as it is open to any thing flown  
in WWI.

Over the years, I have tried to keep the two collections going, and  
to change scales now would be a huge undertaking at too great of an  
expense. Plus, as I discovered when I was employed in the hobby  
industry, the larger the scale the more noticeable small blemishes  
were.  They were also harder to fix.

So here I sit, with three lifetimes worth of unbuilt kits, all to a  
constant scale.  Subject matter is no factor.  Look at the stash and  
see which one calls my name the loudest.  That becomes the next  
build.  Because of my back problem, not much was modeled in the past  
18 months. Three weeks out of surgery and I am finishing an ot model  
now that was started three days ago, and next up will be a Lloyd C V  
series 46.  Life is good when you can sit at the model table for  
longer than 10 minutes with no overbearing pain, and you enjoy doing  
what you like.


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