[WWI] Back from Berlin

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Fri Apr 20 10:38:16 EDT 2007


I am back from Berlin and have started to sort out 2200 digital images from
the Luftwaffe Museum and Deutsches Technikmuseum.

Not much OT in the Luftwaffe Museum, a couple of Pflumm replicas there which
look more like plastic toys than aircraft.  Easy to get there by U/S-bahn 
and bus, there is an 1165m walk from the bus stop through the suburbia 
now surrounding the airfield to get to the gate.

Spent eight hours in the Technicmuseum without being able to cover the whole
area - it is a large complex.  The lay-out of the building is rather strange
with a support pilars and other structures dividing the exhibition areas
so it is almost to get a photo of a complete aircraft.
A fair amount of WW1 material, including a Taube and O`Connors collection
of decorations.  The Junkers fuselage on loan from the Caproni museum 
shows the massive plates protecting the engine and crew.

Got around to visit a couple of model shops and found a couple of long time
out of production kits, most of them fortunately in a shop which accepted cards.

Didn`t try to link up with Toby, thought it could be difficult to get into
an US embassy construction site - don`t think it could cut it with security
if I just said that I was to meet Toby.  
I have been questioned by the Norwegian police because I took a picture of 
a veteran tram passing in front of the US embassy here in Oslo and I want
to avoid the same happening in foreign countries.

Berlin is still a big building site, you see the cranes towering over
construction sites all over the place.  It is difficult to see the division
between East and West - so many new buildings and restorations of the old.

No language problems, my basic German combined with most of the locals having
a decent grasp of English made a change from Spain and Italy.
Also welcome to be able to be in a large city where the drivers didn`t do 
their worst to kill you when trying to cross the streets.
But I found that crossing a street on foot on red light is a big nein-nein!

If some the stuff I have typed up for Internetmodeler makes it into their
pages may I do an article on Berlin.

Next up is figuring what to do in my next break in June, maybe some airshows
and museums in England or see if I can figure out how to cover Finnish museums
during a couple of days in Helsinki.

Knut Erik

>> It is time to put my new camera to use, batteries are charging and memory
>> cards cleared to cover the museums contents.
>I know, I know, it's all different nowadays, but I can't help but imagining 
>Knut -dressed in ample trench coat and hat- passing a security check at 
>Tempelhof, surrounded by black and silver Junkers trimotors, silver DH 
>Flamingoes and other aerial sculptures. On arrival, a dry German 
>functionnaire ask our hero:
>"Papieren, bitte!"
>>From the window of a black Mercedes parked in the street, Volker stares 
>silently thru his monocle, while smoking a thin cigarette. 

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