[WWI] Why to stick in one scale,

Stephen Auslender auslend at snet.net
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Michael, that's no joke.
I went from HO gauge in my teens to O gauge scale model railroading in my 
40's and now in my '60's I'm in G gauge. In terms of model tanks I now 
prefer 1/18 and am getting rid of all my unbuilt 1/35 scale kits.
In model airplanes I switched over to 1/32 scale years ago. I find that now 
I cannot stand to even touch the tiny little models. For me it is a tactile 
as well as a visual thing. Must be a function of age, I guess. Yes, I have 
trifocals (blended) and I, too, remove my glasses for close up work, except 
when I use the magnifying lenses that attach to my eyeglasses.
The old geezer.

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> For some of us it's like railroad modeling, as an old railroading guy told 
> me. When you're young, you start off in 'N' scale, as you get older, you 
> go to 'HO'; as your eyes get worse, you move up to "O" gauge. Finally you 
> retire, and you have a 'G' gauge track going around your yard.
>   So I started off with 1/48 as a youth, but finishing all the available 
> 1/48 WWI back then was quick and easy. Then I went to 1/72 scale. Like 
> you, I like to compare sizes and I can display a lot of them.There are 
> more models available in that scale than any other.
>   But as I Age, I notice certain things are harder to do close up..The 
> doctor has me fitted with TRI-FOCALS!!! The bottom lens is practically 
> useless, as I can see better closer without my glasses. So I've been 
> stocking up with certain 1/48 scale kits, although the ones with brass 
> etched parts are no easier to see in 1/48. I figure when My eyes really 
> start to go, I'll switch to the pile of 1/32 scale aircraft I've been 
> collecting.
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