[WWI] Why to stick in one scale,

Tom Solinski dr-i.417.17 at cox.net
Fri Apr 20 06:42:56 EDT 2007

As Dave said, plus others 

I focus on 1:48, but I do have a stash of 1;144 (airliners and big military
aircraft) and 1:200 (manned spacecraft and Zepps in paper).

- comparison - I like being able to see, say, a Pup along side a Camel next
to an ot Phantom.

-Cost and limits, back in my incredible :spend too much on I have to have a
complete collection of X days", 1:72 has far too many subjects so I was
actually spending more on smaller models that wouldn't get built.  So
sticking to 1:48 limited the number of models I could buy.

-Being able to see the finished model, bigger is just easier...to see, to
detail and to finish.  Oddly the same time I decided to stick to 1:48 in
aircraft I switched to N scale from HO in model railroading.

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