[WWI] Why to stick in one scale, WAS: Added:Albatros D.III

Dennis Ugulano djuggie at comcast.net
Fri Apr 20 08:15:31 EDT 2007

    I build in 1/72 for two main reasons: space and availability.
    When I returned to modelling in 1980, I live in a very small place and 
space was sparse, to say the least.  Since I wanted to start a large 
collection, 1/72 was my choice.
    And in 1980, you could count on your fingers the number of 1/48 scale 
kits out there.  I did not expect the large number of 1/48 scale kits that 
would be produced in the upcoming years.
    Whereas I joke about 1/48th, I love the scale.  For 10 years I built for 
others and 1/48 was the scale of choice.  At my modelling class, I start my 
students in 1/48.  Not too hot, not too cold, just right.  Good scale for 
young inexperienced fingers.
    Since I am going to retire at the end of next month, I'm going to build 
for others again.  At my class, which has turned into a 5 hour session of 
retired people, I have under construction a Eduard Sopwith Triplane that 
will be sold.  I get the extreme pleasure of building the kit but I don't 
have to find a place to put it.  Old habits die hard.


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