[WWI] WWI Belgian Spad XIII

DANIEL CLAMOT daniel.clamot at skynet.be
Thu Apr 19 12:34:22 EDT 2007

Some new infos for those profiles.
I've just discussed with my good fellow Frédéric Liefferinckx, and he adds 
the following:

The profile of Edmond Thieffry's Spad sounds very strange. You must have to 
know that Thieffry flew a very few time with his Spad, being shot down after 
only a few missions. Not sure that he had the time to apply special markings 
on his aircraft. Like me, Fred only knows photos of Thieffry's aircraft 
without the Comet!

For what concerns the Spad XIII of Brussels Air Museum, Fred told me that 
the colors of the camo are all but authentic: the aircraft of the museum was 
repainted during the 70's or early 80's, with... Vietnam camo paints!!!


>>I found these two profiles on the internet, don't know if they will help.
>>  The first is from the 10th Escadrille, and no more information is given.
>>  http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww1/f/257/66/0/1
>>  The second is from 5e Escadre de Chasse, flown by S/Lt.Edmond Thieffry. 
>> November 1917
>>  http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww1/f/257/66/0/2
>>  These are only profiles, and therefore do not offer too much in the way 
>> of information. I have no idea of the artist
>> michael wuyek <mawuyek at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  Thank you Daniel. Someone else also pointed out that the Spad on the 
>> bottom of the cover of the Arco/Aircam/Glencoe Spad VII-XIII is a Belgian 
>> scheme: White cowling, Red fuselage to aft of cockpit, and light grey 
>> body, with the Red/Yellow comet design. You know which one I'm talking 
>> about? So that fusegale would be French camo. Know where I can get some 
>> photographic documentation? Well, I appreciate you help and everything.
>> Thanks
>> Mike
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