[WWI] Next up - the Fokker Spinne

Joel Christy jbarchristy at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 19 04:20:29 EDT 2007

Hi Michael,
  When I scratch built my Spinne I used 10 thou brass wire and hot stretched sprue and glued it all together with super glue so you shouldn't have any trouble. Lotsa rigging though..... See  http://wingsandwires.piczo.com  and click on World War One Aircraft 2, scroll to the bottom and see my Spinne.

Michael Kendix <mkendix at hotmail.com> wrote:
  Having finished the Phönix C.I, have decided to start the VLE Models Fokker 
Spinne. In order to generate the courage to start it, I contacted Bob 
Wheeler, who is VLE Models. he used to live nearby but for family reasons 
moved down to North Carolina. Had a nice long chat and he gave me a few 
tips, and answered my questions.

I actually purchased this kit in 1999 so it's passed time to build it. The 
advantages are - no seams, only about 4 vac parts to sand out, no decals. 
The disadvantages are - it's really difficult to know how to put it 
together. The soft metal parts are OK, but you have to bend all these bits 
of brass rod to shape then glue it to the wings using super glue.

We shall see. If anyone has actually built this thing, I'd be really pleased 
to know how it went.


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