[WWI] Eduard Pfalz DIIIa and Tom's Modelworks PE set: Advice sought

rob rob at rob-stewart.to
Wed Apr 18 14:24:25 EDT 2007


I'm new to the mailing list, although I've been using the site for tips and 
tricks for a wee while now.  I'm also just back into the hobby, building kits 
"for my young sons", after a lonng while, and we didn't have PE sets like this 
when I were a lad.

I have the kit, 48th scale, and the PE set and I'm ready to go.

I built the machine guns according to the instructions, apart from adding a 
brass gun barrel from tubing inside the cooling jacket.

I have sanded down the molded access panels on the fuselage ready for the PE 
ones.  Same with the straps on the tailplane.

I have constructed the instrument panel.

Now I need to work on the radiator, both top and bottom, and I'm a little stuck. 
  The instructions with the PE set are a bit unclear, and before I start 
sanding,  cutting and swearing I thought I'd ask for advice/tips.

1.  Has anyone built the same kit and have any comments?

2. Are there any posted pics, especially of the underside of the radiator?

3. Has anyone seen any archive articles on the same topic?

4. Would you sand down the top radiator, and if so ho far and then glue on the 
brass PE one, or just glue it on top of the molded one?

5. The bottom one needs work, because the shape of the brass doesn't match that 
of the molded area.  Any thoughts here?

6. Regarding the fuel lines from the upper fuel tank, does anyone know from 
which 2 locations on the underside of the tank they come out from?  I'm thinking 
opposite diagonals, to allow uninterrupted flow during aerobatics, but I can't 
find any photographs of that.  Anyone seen/got any?



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