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>Yes, you are quite correct, the reference was to aluminium and not internal 
>fittings in general. However, if it was the case that there was no benefit 
>to coating aluminium then surely they changed their minds about this before 
>the second great unpleasantness? Offhand, I can't think of >any bare metal 
>cockpits from WWII, or even the early thirties.

(I cant't think of any flying machine built after 1918, on principle)

Reduction of reflections?  On *naval* aircraft corrosion is a problem. Ditto 
any aircraft based on a small tropical island. Salt air will play merry 
hell, made worse because aluminium is an excellent conductor and galvanic 
corrosion an issue where fasteners and other fittings are dissimilar metals.

>Japanese aircraft for instance corroded very badly and relatively quickly 
>even though they were constructed of duraluminium. Even in the harsh 
>environment of the Pacific theatre the material allied aircraft were 
>constructed from fared far better.

True, though the sheet used in allied aircarft was thicker and *possibly* of 
a different composition.

How does this fit in with the change to unpainted aluminium on a wide 
variety of aircarft of both sides toward the end of the war?  Was early war 
aluminium prone to corrosion and late war aluminium not?

>And I still maintain that the added weight of coating a few bits of metal 
>in OT aircraft would be so small as to be completely insignificant.

Thank God. Back to OT.   And I maintain that while that may be so *why* do 
it if there's no real protective benefit and it adds some penalty in time, 
money, material or (however trivial) weight?


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