[WWI] SPAD 13 Internal fitting

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 21:02:30 EDT 2007


> > Aside from camouflage, which is not relevant for internal
> > fittings, you'd do nothing but add weight.
>Rubbish. You may add a few ounces by painting internal fittings but I don't
>think even in WWI they were that pedantic. Many contemporary pictures of
>other French a/c such as Nieuports and Moranes show internal fittings to be
>a dark colour, either painted, 'japanned' or perhaps anodised.

*Steel* fittings.  They rust.

>The aircraft
>may have had a short life expectancy but surely an effort would have still
>been made to preserve the internal fittings since they were labour 
>to manufacture but could easily be cannibalised from wrecked aircraft for

*Aluminium* (which was the subject) doesn't corrode enough to matter for 
decades unless you go dipping it in acid.  There *no* benefit in coating it 
to prevent corrosion.  I refer you to an aluminium saucepan or baking pan. .


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