[WWI] SPAD 13 Internal fitting

Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Tue Apr 17 18:08:37 EDT 2007

> Think it from the manufacturer point of view: How much paint 
> per month? How 
> many man-hours? How much is the cost on the final product? 
> Remember, in those days evn the radium painted dial needles were 
> handpainted! (talk about hazardous work)

How much dope & varnish on your average WWI bipe? Painting a few bits and
pieces of metal is pretty insignificant in comparison. Given the time &
expense that went into manufacturing some of those fittings I don't think it
unreasonable that they would have tried to prevent corrosion with a lick or
two of paint or lacquer. 

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