[WWI] WWI Belgian Spad XIII

michael wuyek mawuyek at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 17 18:04:33 EDT 2007

Hello, this is Mike Wuyek. new member, but long time reader. I noticed your name is given as credit to the Belgian Spad XIII at the (Brussells?) museum. I wish to build a Spad XIII in Belgian colours, but was told that the colours the museum used were suspect, that the Belgian Spads were either light gray or light gray below and dark green above. A search on the web revealed no photos, as such. THe one photo in Datafiles Spad XIII show a frontal 3/4 view, not much use. I have some decals of the red and yellow shooting star, and was going to use that, but I need a scheme. Can you or anyone else help me?
  Thanks so much

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