[WWI] SPAD 13 Internal fitting

dave fleming dave.fleming at dial.pipex.com
Tue Apr 17 13:49:27 EDT 2007

Quoting Shane Weier <bristolf2b at hotmail.com>:

> 'ming

> Why paint aluminium?

Who mentioned paint? 
> Aluminium corrodes *very* quickly, but the thin coat of oxide that results 
> expands and contracts in exactly the same degree as the underliyng metal. 
> That means it doesn't flake off like rust on steel, and because it prevents 
> further corrosion, the aluminium underneath is effectively protected from 
> further corrosion.

I hadn't thought about protective oxidisation, but that would make sense (It's 
been 20 years since I last studied metallurgy!) - unless it's like the Queen's 
Flight or certain airlines who polish it!

Mind you, I'd imagine the cockpit of an open WW1 biplane would be a pretty 
hostile environment.

>a good engineer

An oxymoron surely............


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