[WWI] Latest Acquisitions

Matt Bittner matt.bittner at cox.net
Sat Apr 14 09:33:09 EDT 2007

Yesterday's mail was very good to me.

Eduard 1/72nd Nieuport 17 Dual Combo
AZ Models 1/72nd Breguet 14 A.2 "French"

Both are awesome models and what comes in the boxes are more than
complete - unless you want to mark them differently, of course.

The shocker to me was one of the decal markings for the Nieuport. 
Markings for the Japanese flyer Isobe.  I already did this one
(http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Bittner/Nieuport/index.html) but
since the model is now in the heap bin, I'll have to finish one of the
two as a replacement.  Awesome there are decals for it now, as I
created my own masks for the original.

The only unfortunate is the expense of the Breguet.  While I was able
to make a trade for this first one, the rest will be quite expensive. 
There are a lot of cool markings for the Breguet, which means multiple
kits.  I can't decide it I want to build the other Bre.14 kits I have -
a couple of resin, the Pegaus and a couple of vacs - or find someone
who wants these and try to purchase more AZ kits.  Oh, the dilemma! :-)
 Unless someone on list wants to trade me some AZ Breguets for all the
other Breguets I have... ;-)

Matt Bittner

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