[WWI] Ribtapes #2

J. Michael Vice jmikl at cmc.net
Sun Apr 15 02:10:31 EDT 2007

1.  Ltn. Schultz's captured D.VII at the Agricultural Hall was an early Fokker-built, IIRC (286/18?).  But looking at the photos of the stripped aircraft it appears that the ribtapes are light blue.  Do my eyes deceive?  Were Fokker-built D.VII's ever ribtaped with anything other than standard lozenge?

2.  Earlier this evening I reached into my decal drawer and pulled out A-G #39 and #40, 4-color lozenge.  Thinking that perhaps the historical inserts would help me determine ribtape colors I was further confused when Glen seemingly points out that an aircraft would have blue-gray ribtapes on the wings' uppersurfaces and pink on the lower!  Thus, two tapes per rib station rather than one which wrapped all the way around the wing.  AAAAAARRRRRGGHH!  C-O-N-F-U-S-I-O-N!!!


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