[WWI] Ribtapes

J. Michael Vice jmikl at cmc.net
Sun Apr 15 01:45:18 EDT 2007

A little help, if I may...  I was looking through some notes tonight for an Alb-built D.VII.  I found that I'd written down that the riptapes for Fokkers (and others?) were Fokker, lozenge; Alb, blue; and OAW, pink.  But in another place I'd written that the tapes were Fokker, lozenge; Alb, pink; and OAW, blue.  I could immediately find any detail in the Fokker Anthologies.  Which is it?

Also, were the wingtip "end-pieces" on the D.VII made of wood?  If so, were they also lozenge-covered, or were they painted?

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