[WWI] Airco DH2 Walkaround

Gabriel Limon arglim at msn.com
Sat Apr 14 10:59:39 EDT 2007

Great pictures of the DH2.  If you go the "Red Baron" there are outtakes from the upcoming film.  Can't say if the story will be hokey, but hey, at least they have Albatriiiiii in this movie.

> Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 07:13:46 -0700> From: djandersonza at yahoo.com> To: wwi at wwi-models.org> Subject: [WWI] Airco DH2 Walkaround> > Discovered this while supposedly working> > http://www.biplanes.de/bilderserien/dh2/index.php> > > ---------------------------------> Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?> Check outnew cars at Yahoo! Autos.

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