[WWI] Rosemont resin parts question

Dave Calhoun davecww1 at cox.net
Fri Apr 13 21:23:31 EDT 2007

Speaking of the Rosemont resin line, is it true that Gary Atlee made the 1/48 scale parts for them?  Whatever happened to the awesome line of 1/48 scale super detailed engines and seats made by Atlee back in the early 1990's?  Wonder who has the rosemont molds, and if it would be possible for someone else to take over the line from the new owner & produce this stuff for current sale.  Not sure about the 1/72 stuff, but wonder who made all of the masters for the extensive line of resin and where the masters are located.
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I think this is a fair characterization of the situation.  There's nothing 
sinister or wrong with pulling out when you are unduly over-committed.

I have met Barry several times and it would be difficult to meet a more 
personable fellow and it's a shame that his excellent products will not be 
readily available in the near future.


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>I recently heard through a third party that Barry sold Rosemont because of 
>pressures of his "day jobs".   If that third party recognizes this message, 
>feel free to add to this thread :-)  Rupe

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