[WWI] Interesting C and C News

Matt Bittner matt.bittner at cox.net
Thu Apr 12 17:13:02 EDT 2007

I saw this on another forum that is quite interesting:

"You have probably heard of the Cross & Cockade Society, the group of
aviation enthusiasts who banded together back in the 1960's to search
out & record the history of combat aviation in "The Great War". The
society fell on hard times and went broke in the mid 1980's. The
society's quarterly publication, simply called The Cross & Cockade
Society Journal, is now a sought after source of information. I
remember a complete set of 26 volumes going for over $1000 at an
auction a couple of years ago.

Well, the Journal is now available on CD according to an add in "Over
the Front", which is the Journal of the League of World War I Aviation
Historians, the successor to the Cross & Cockade Society.

Go to http://www.overthefront.com

They are $25 per volume, credit cards accepted. Yes, I am a member of
the League, but I am also fortunate enough to have a complete set of C
& C Journals from when I was a member."

Matt Bittner

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