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Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 13 09:27:05 EDT 2007


Absolutely. Their RE5 (I suppose it could be coerced into an RE7) is quite 
unique. I have actually cut out the vac wings and fuselage pieces on it but 
had messed up my first attempt at the fuselage - I made the hole for the 
engine part too large. However, Barry kindly gave me a new vac sheet when I 
was ordeing some other stuff - the new vac sheet was a discard due to the 
wings being miscast but I had those from the original sheet. I really should 
get back on that kit because I made a whole load of struts etc. for it, so 
it's about one-third done.

Perhaps I should return to it when I've finished the Phönix C.I - should be 
done with that by the end of the weekend - all the wires are almost on. Of 
course, I have the HB-B.I Legato kit started and the Roden Albatros D.I.


>From: dave fleming <dave.fleming at dial.pipex.com>
>Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 14:07:59 +0100
>Quoting Michael Kendix <mkendix at hotmail.com>:
> > Some of the Rosemont vacs kits are just exquisite. In particular, the 
> >
> > F40bis and the Oeffag C.II - both brilliant kits. The Farman was my 
> > vac and it turned out so well - I still regard it as one of the nicest
> > models on my shelf.
> >
>And some unique subjects, like the RE7

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