[WWI] Early Spad XIII Wings

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Apr 13 07:29:50 EDT 2007

> According to Doug Carrick's notes in the DF, the very early SPAD XIII 
> wings had
> 10 rib stations between the struts rather than the 8 on most aircraft. he
> mentions that S.504 has these.

I had read this, long ago, when I made all new ribs for my Academy Spad. I 
chose the 8 option, since i was modeling a late Spad. Or because I was being 
lazy. Pictures of the ugly surgery off list on request.

> Do we thing S.498 or S.505 would have these wings?

If those airplanes were from the same manufacturers or the same batch, 
probably yes. Picking them out from a picture would be very difficult, since 
most of the time the ribs itselves are almost indistibnguishable except on 
close-ups. So good was the wing design of the sturdy Spad.

> Am I being just TOO picky?


> Would anyone notice in 1/72?

No. Unless it's Neil, or me.

> And do I REALLY want to
> rescribe 160 rib locations?

Hey, there's people who put piercings in their genitalia, everyone's got his 
own manias.

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