[WWI] Rosemont, and Drachen

Nicklas, Brian NicklasB at si.edu
Thu Apr 12 10:25:44 EDT 2007

I was told that Barry didn't make the vacs, that they were formed by
several other parties - and that if those parties didn't want to
continue with the "new" Rosemont, that was up to them.  The patterns
might be Rosemont, but if they don't have someone to heat and suck
plastic around them, then they are going to be dormant for some time.

I have the Drachen and Caquot both - I attempted to use foam to hold the
interior, and blew holes through the thin spots - the foam skinned over,
and when it continued to expand, it went through the path of least
resistance, the thin skin of the vac, rather than its own thin skin.
I've repaired and made some balsa formers, but lost the spark.  Maybe
now that I'm back at the bench, after a few injected kits I'll have the
will to go back to the balloons.

Of course there is always the Hippo Models Drachen for 98 Euros:

- Brian

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