[WWI] Van Wyngarden's Dr.I book

Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Thu Apr 12 11:19:51 EDT 2007

> > seam: "bogus" - define please - but yes, seam is more elaborate than in 
> > older Stair GAs and extends across the bottom-rear of the final cockpit 
> > panel

Seam shouldn't be more elaborate - it shouldn't be there at all! I'm referring to the vertical line on the rear fuselage sides Ian Stair had on his original plans. Alex Imrie brought this up as well as the other errors after the Dr.I Special came out. There is no seam there, it's just the internal vertical spacer that catches the oil and dirt and in some pics looks like a fabric seam.

> >wing clear panel: yes
> >axle wing: yes
> >Axil prop: yes - Heine also, but remember that props always appear narrower 
> >in direct "front on" view than from a front angled aspect.

Again, this was Alex Imrie's comment and I'm guessing he took into account the angle of the blades.

> I am not a DrI fan and I can't comment on many of the details (ask me about 
> Halbies) - sooooo.... buy the book and give us the low down, eh!

I am a fan of the aircraft though certainly no expert. I just happened to be recently reading the lengthy letter from Alex Imrie published in an older issue of Windsock in which he pointed out all the errors in the Datafile Special. The new book is definitely on my "to buy" list!


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