[WWI] Rosemont, was Hand-Shaped Cable Attachments

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 12 10:10:28 EDT 2007

AFAIK, Barry is still living in Pennsylvania in the same place but not doing 
much related to modelling.

It's unfortunate but I think we are going to have to use a different source 
for the various things that Roseplane used to issue.

Someone mentioned that Roseplane products would not be available until 2008. 
To my way of thinking, given Barry's recent track record that means 
postponed indefinitely.


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>>Hard to say what is happening here. Recall that at the end of Barry's time 
>>of owning Rosemont, things were far from organized.
>That's true, it was a pity. But at least you could get the Roseparts things 
>from them. Does anyone knows which are Barry's whereabouts now?
>>It doesn't surprise me that the new owners are not able to supply us with 
>>Roseplane products.

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