[WWI] Roden RAF BE2c

John Ratzenberger JohnRatzenberger at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 12 09:14:22 EDT 2007

My comment about Roden "milking a kit for variations" is most typified in the Gladiator, now in it's 4th version, wasn't really
meant to be negative as it might sound.

Roden doesn't appear too concerned with sales - witness the Felixstowe & Staaken.  Both of those kits were designed and released
with parts for follow-on versions (which are out or on their way) and no one in their wildest dreams (?) could imagine they'd be
on every builders bench ...

I commend them for their selection of kits, the quality of those kits, and their customer support (e.g. the SE5a wing).

John Ratzenberger

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> I got my BE2e off E-bay, cannot remember what I paid, but seemed
> reasonable ...
> Then again, Roden is famous for milking variations out of a kit ...
> John Ratzenberger

I'm quite sure they'll follow the sales of their BE2c first, but yes, I
agree with you John, more BE2 variants will quite likely come. To release
BE2e, they have to do new wings. With those wings they can do the
BE12(wosletter? a?) variant with those wings and - yes yes yes! - RE8! Or am
I just daydreaming?


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