[WWI] Van Wyngarden's Dr.I book

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Andy -

> seam: "bogus" - define please - but yes, seam is more elaborate than in 
> older Stair GAs and extends across the bottom-rear of the final cockpit 
> panel
>wing clear panel: yes
>axle wing: yes
>Axil prop: yes - Heine also, but remember that props always appear narrower 
>in direct "front on" view than from a front angled aspect.

I am not a DrI fan and I can't comment on many of the details (ask me about 
Halbies) - sooooo.... buy the book and give us the low down, eh!


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> Tom:
>>     8 pages of 1/32 GA's including enlarged diagrams of; structural 
>> details, LMG 08/15, Bamberg compas, Maximall fuel gauge
> Just out of curiosity, did they fix the errors from previous plans? ie; 
> bogus "fabric seam" on the fuselage, incorrectly positioned window in the 
> upper wing (should have been over the works no. in the spar), spurious 
> "fasteners" on the bottom of the axle wing and too narrow Axial prop 
> (probably others too, those are the only ones I can remember at the 
> moment)?
> Andy
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