[WWI] Van Wyngarden's Dr.I book

Tom Morgan trmorgan at mts.net
Wed Apr 11 22:17:38 EDT 2007

For those of you who do not already have it, and especially you Triplane fans, I can heartily recommend Greg Van Wyngarden's new work:  "FOKKER DR.I Jagdstaffeln"  by Albatros Productions.  It is great!

It is much more robust than a stand "datafile" - 86 pages (including inside covers) and includes:
    251 black & white photos, many not published before
    12 pages of color plates; the artists include Ronny Bar, Juanita Franzi, Robert Karr & Bob Pearson
    1 page of B&W representative Jasta markings
    8 pages of 1/32 GA's including enlarged diagrams of; structural details, LMG 08/15, Bamberg compas, Maximall fuel gauge

The photos and text describe, in individual sections, the colors and markings  of: the pre-production triplanes, and all of Jastas Boelcke, 4 to 7, 11 to 15, 18, 19, 26, 27, 34b, 36, 53 and 59.

There is a page of factory markings that is the most comprehensive I have ever seen - for any aircraft.

And yes, Voss' cowl is "considered", but objectively and with a dispassionate review of real evidence - refreshing!

Get it!

Tom Morgan

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