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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 11 20:13:26 EDT 2007


>>deep and unsightly panel lines.
>Doesn't that make them more attractive in your eyes because you have to 
>"deal" with the panel lines - else it'd be no challenge?

No. The subjects are all ot anyway, so my only objection is that they look 
crap on other people's models, without giving me teh opportunity to fill and 
rescribe them.

>>I don't fear them moving into the WW1 space, but I do fear Eduard's 
>>apparent rush to emulate them.
>Somewhat perturbed to hear that the Eduard 1/72nd scale Nieuport 17 cost 
>AUS$30 in Australia and only US$10-US$12 in the US.

My researches on Easter Saturday showed that all three of the Brisbane shops 
that I visited still had all of the kits on the shelf that had been there 
for several weeks. The lowest price was A$29

>Are Eduard doing some wretched sole distribution thing like MPM?  I noticed 
>that NKR's doesn't have them.

To be fair Roden kits are also more expensive (though far less than Eduard) 
in the local shops now, and at least I can get them from NKR at a discount.  
And yes, AIUI there is a single importer of Eduard.


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