[WWI] expensive bipes, was Flyboys

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 10 21:59:02 EDT 2007

Standards are slipping even past my very open mind :-)
Rick G.

>>From: "Magnus Berggren" <carius at comhem.se>
>>Have you tried Tamiyas Swordfish? Worth every cent, even if it hurt like 
>>hell when I bought it. Together with the AM F3´s, I consider it to be one 
>>of the best kits I´ve ever seen.
>>----- Original Message ----- From: "Ivan Carlos Ruchesi"
>>>  Moreover, expect a 50 dollars price for a Tamiya biplane....
>While I haven't build my Swordfish yet, I figured the quality was worth the 
>high price. That's a lot of plastic in that box amd it will most likely 
>fall together the way a comarably priced resin kit won't.
>So does anyone feel like donating their un-used Tamiya swordfish decals to 
>the Heretical cause?
>I've been searching for aftermarkets but haven't found any Swordfish 
>specific sheets.
>I've got some Aeromaster Shturmovic decals for trade.
>Any interested parties should contact me off-list.
>Naglo, Naglo, Naglo, I made you out of wood....
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