[WWI] Link Trainer

J. Michael Vice jmikl at cmc.net
Mon Apr 9 21:58:20 EDT 2007

Subsequent to my posting I called Tom Young to see if he had any Meikraft kits and he does not.  !Que lastima!  However, if anyone is interested, I'm willing to sell any of my Meikraft kits (I, too, will never build them), which are as follows:

Pfalz D.III/DIIIa (w/ 8 markings choices):  I've started on its interior but you can recover from my crudity of some 20 years ago.

4 x Albatros C.III

2 x Albatros D.I/D.II (markings include Austro-Hungarian)

Spad XIII (missing decals, but I've included an early version of Eduard S.XIII photoetch instead)

Price, given their rarity, is $20 each plus priority postage.  If you'd like more than one C.III, I'd like to wait on the demand and issue them individually if need be.  Reply offline, if you would, please.


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