[WWI] Meikraft Stuff

Stuart L. Malone smalone at kc.rr.com
Mon Apr 9 19:14:49 EDT 2007

I concur.  My BE2 was barely dicernable amoungst the heavy flash,  
same goes for the Pfalz DIII/DIIIa.  However, my Spad and Dornier  
were quite nice and flash free.

Stuart L. Malone

Not the victory but the action.
Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory.
         - Hartley Burr Alexander

On Apr 9, 2007, at 11:47 AM, Diego Fernetti wrote:

> I have got the W29 recently thanks to a listee clearance sale  
> (Thanks again, listee!) and it looks like a quite challenging kit,  
> lots of flash, etc.
> I also have the Dornier Zeppelin D.I and it is a sweet little kit,  
> seemingly without much fuss to build.
> Curious how two different kits from tha same brand can look so  
> different.
> D.

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