[WWI] Flyboys

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Mon Apr 9 13:33:12 EDT 2007

>From: "Diego Fernetti"

>Many of the best movies I ever seen were intended "for children" and 
>certainly those weren't as lame and inane as Flyboys was.


>stories can be well done and entertaining. Just to name a few of the recent 
>-ish- good children movies I saw, here's a short list: "Cars",

Haven't seen it yet.

>"Finding Nemo" (no wonder they're both from Pixar)

I found this to be an absolutely charming movie. And when I was watching NO 
go underwater during Katrina, I could hear Ellen DeGeneres' voice in the 
back of my head singing, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...."

>"The Iron Giant"

Based on Pete Townshend's "Iron Man" album/story.

>"Eight Below"

Don't think I've even heard of this one. 'Monster House' was really good 
too. And lets not forget The Princess Bride.

. If you want good quality "war" movies apt for
>children's viewing, there's no better than "Master and Commander" which has 
>no innecesary gore and a plot that emphasises adventure and friendship 
>above sheer violence.

Mmmm, I think the scene with the young ensign kid getting his arm cut off 
might be a little too much for really young kids, not to mention a couple of 
other scenes. Of course, I'm thinking about 8yr old YPH. I might feel 
differently about 12yr old YPH.

>A picture about WW1 aviation could have had all of that and more.

We still have Waldo Pepper. It must be ok for kids, seeing as how we read 
the script in English class in 4th grade.

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