[WWI] Flyboys

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Apr 9 13:04:32 EDT 2007

> What I liked was that it was a fun movie that I could actually go to with 
> my 12 year old son and have us both enjoy it. I cannot say the same for 
> most of the children's level movie that are released these days.
-snipitty snip-
> I don't care if it was inaccurate and inane - at least it had biplanes and 
> action!

Well, I beg to differ.
Many of the best movies I ever seen were intended "for children" and 
certainly those weren't as lame and inane as Flyboys was. Children's stories 
can be well done and entertaining. Just to name a few of the recent -ish- 
good children movies I saw, here's a short list: "Cars", "Finding Nemo" (no 
wonder they're both from Pixar) "The Iron Giant", "Eight Below". If you want 
good quality "war" movies apt for children's viewing, there's no better than 
"Master and Commander" which has no innecesary gore and a plot that 
emphasises adventure and friendship above sheer violence.
A picture about WW1 aviation could have had all of that and more. 
Unfortunately it had none and we still await for a good, classic aviation 
themed movie just as good as it were some of the examples.

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