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Hi guys,
I looked up the Meikraft list in John Burn's The Collector's Value Guide For 
Scale Model Plastic Kits (6th edition 1994) and got this info on the 
Started by John Meikraft in late 1987 short run injection molded 1/72 scale 
model kits. Still  in business as of 1994 but I never got the later versions 
of the guide. John Burns has retired from all this but he has some of the 
latest guides available for sale. If anyone wants to contact him:
John Burns
3213 Hardy Dr.
Edmond OK 73013
This list of Meikraft model kits (1/72 scale) as of 1994 includes:
1501 Douglas D.558a Skystreak
1504 Vought F6U-1 Pirate
1601 Vought SBU2 Vindicator
1604 Seversky P-35/P-35A
1608 Grumman FF-1
1701 Albatross D.I/II/Geffag
1704 B.E.2c
1708 Pfalz D.III/D.IIIa
1712 Albatross C.III
1801 Midget Mustang
1802 piper L-4
1804 Beech 17D Staggerwing
1901 Hansa Brandenburg W.29
2001 Dornier D.1
        Caproni Ca.3
        Douglas D.558a (special issue for 1987 IPMS San Diego convention
       Spad XIII C.1
        North American A-36/P-51A
        Siemens-Schuckert D.1
        Link Trainer w/dmp
The 1994 values of these kits ranged from $18 to $24 with the IPMS issue 
D.558a valued at $40-$80
Since then (1994) I am sure that John has listed more of these models and 
may have changed the values. You might want to contact him to see what the 
cost of his latest guide is these days. You also might want to contact him 
with info on any he has missed.
With the advent of eBay I would not trust any of the values listed here but 
I would search for them on eBay to get an idea of the current values. I'm a 
builder, not a collector so I would not bother.
Personally, I do not care one way or the other as I am interested only in 
1/32 scale models. I sold off all my 1/72 and 1/48 scale models kits a while 
I have some of the 1/32 vacuform model kits of WW1 aircraft but I haven't 
had the nerve to start one. I just keep looking for planes to come out in 
1/32 injection or resin.
I hope this list has been of some help to you guys.

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> Quoting Michael Kendix <mkendix at hotmail.com>:
>> The kit data base shows the following.  Not certain about the veracity of
>> the Pflaz D.III/IIIa list ting though.
> The kit certainly was a DIII and IIIa

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