[WWI] Meikraft Stuff

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 8 08:19:57 EDT 2007

The kit data base shows the following.  Not certain about the veracity of 
the Pflaz D.III/IIIa list ting though.

Albatros C.III
Albatros D.I / D.II
Caproni	Ca3
Dornier	D.I
Fokker	B.III
Fokker	D.I
Fokker	D.II
Hansa Brandenburg W.29
Pfalz D.III
Pfalz	D.III/D.IIIa
R.A.F.	B.E.2c
Siemens Schuckert  D.I
Spad XIII  C.I



P.S. A Happy Easter to all my Christian friends.

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