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Hi Stephen;

Movie "von Rictofen and Brown" was directed by Roger Corman, starring John 
Phillip Law and Don Stroud, released in 1971(it was released in some venues 
as "The Red Baron". It was shot in colour using aircraft from the Blue Max 
as well as some others. It attempted to compare and contrast the way the air 
war as seen by the Germans and the British(Commonwealth) with the Germans 
being more interested in glory and the Brits fighting to survive. It 
actually covers a long period culminating in the air battle that saw 
Rictofen's demise. I believe it even goes back to Voss' death. It's been a 
long time since I've seen it, but it seems to me that it portrays an 
increasing war-weariness on Richtofen's part. I thought it was pretty decent 
for a low budget treatment. There are many historical errors (Hermann 
Goering gets to be the archetypical Nazi before they were even invented and 
in Richtofen's command before the death of the Rittmeister). Brown is 
actually a less sympathetic character than one would expect if he is the 
hero; in fact I think Corman is actually saying that Richtofen was the 
"better man" , sort of the way Hector comes off as the "better man" than 
Achilles in the Illiad.


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>I did a Google search for "Richtofen movie" and got some intereesting 
> It seems that there is a movie that will be available on DVD at the end of 
> this month. It is called "Von Richtofen and Brown" about both the Red 
> Baron and the Pilot called Brown who is supposed to have shot him down. It 
> is confusing because the DVD is due out in a couple of weeks yet the 
> movie was made, in black and white, in 1971.
> Of course this new one may be a recent remake as Roger Corman is the 
> director.
> Anybody know anything about it?
> Is this new one the new film being made in Germany?
> Stephen
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>> Hello, All:
>> Wikipedia's web entry, with external links, can be
>> viewed at
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Baron_(film).
>> - Chris Malany

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