[WWI] Von Richtofen & Brown Film

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I did a Google search for "Richtofen movie" and got some intereesting sites.
It seems that there is a movie that will be available on DVD at the end of 
this month. It is called "Von Richtofen and Brown" about both the Red Baron 
and the Pilot called Brown who is supposed to have shot him down. It is 
confusing because the DVD is due out in a couple of weeks yet the  movie was 
made, in black and white, in 1971.
Of course this new one may be a recent remake as Roger Corman is the 
Anybody know anything about it?
Is this new one the new film being made in Germany?
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> Hello, All:
> Wikipedia's web entry, with external links, can be
> viewed at
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Baron_(film).
> - Chris Malany

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